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Teachers Are There For A Reason - Use It!

For some reason, many students think that they aren’t allowed to ask a teacher a question outside of class time. They think that teachers only exist during the school day, and then POOF! They disappear! Perhaps It can be intimidating to approach a teacher for extra help, but truth be told, that’s why they’re there!

 Ask For Help

The other day, we had a student complain about not doing well in her exams. When we asked her what she thinks the problem might be, she said that she gets some answers wrong in her exams and she doesn’t know why. When asked if she approached her teacher to explain and help, she shrugged her shoulders.

It’s okay to ask your teachers for help and advice, in fact, it’s what they’re there for! This is the person that will be marking your papers for the entire year. They obviously know what they want in an answer for it to be marked correct, so it will be in your best interest to learn what is important to this specific teacher. Remember, they’re all different!

 Ideas On How To Do This:

- Do some practice papers and ask them to mark it

- After you receive a test back, ask them what you did wrong so that you can improve next time

- When you have an assignment, ask them if they have or know of any extra research and resources you could use

 This Will Impress Them

Not only will them sharing some of their knowledge help you improve your work, but you doing some independent learning outside of class will also show them that you are a hardworking, motivated student who goes the extra mile. Showing to others that you put in the work can only benefit you in the long run.